W-IPO.com believe tomorrow world, we have set our vision in the electronic business. And here we are to provide our services to you with trust, commitment. Resourceful, Globalize, is our theme. We bridge you to all manufacturers, distributors, traders, sub-contractor and customers throughout the world with your least resources.

W-IPO.com provide enhanced added value service in our buying and selling spirit. Procurement, Auction, Offering of your excess stock for the Electronics Manufacturers, Distributors, Traders, Sub-Contractors, Customers etc with following electronics management:

  • Electronics Transaction
  • Just in Time Transaction
  • Globalization in Outsourcing
  • Real time Supply Chain Management
  • Real Time view of Inventory from Worldwide members
  • Direct Negotiation with Supplier through W-IPO.com as Host
  • Real Time Update on Electronics News / Finance News / Manufacturing Breakthrough in Technology
  • Web Space for Advertising
  • Search Engine Services
  • Double Assurance in Security

W-IPO.com also provide Research and Development help to R & D, Design House, Customers, as solution provider. We provide:

  • Information Service Provider for ICDesign
  • Provide System On Chip (SOC) Solution
  • Intelligence Properties Sharing
  • Engineering consultation on IC Design